September 27, 2016


At Literacy Texas, we believe a strong and prosperous Texas begins with an educated adult population. Literacy Texas advocates for these legislative priorities:

Adult education should be funded at a rate sufficient to improve secondary education completion.

Texas makes the minimum investment in adult education to match federal investments.  The legislature should invest to increase the rate of high school completion and position Texans to become the skilled workers Texas employers need.

Adult education should support the workforce development goals of the state.

The legislature should support the development of mid-skill and high-skill workers in the critical growth areas of health care, technology, and industry, and expand programs for underskilled and English language learners in workforce training and incumbent worker education.  

Adult education should be positioned to support all adult learners.

The legislature should support and expand investment in volunteer and community-based groups to increase capacity and leverage local resources to build a better workforce and stronger community.

Save the Date - May 29, 2017

Mark your calendars! This is the date that your state and national representatives and senators will return to their district offices, and it's the ideal time for you to schedule an appointment to speak with them. National legislators will only be in town for a week, but your state legislators will remain in their offices until the next legislative session in 2019. Find your representatives at the state level here, and the national level here.

Remember: Your representatives work for you! As a literacy provider, you possess valuable insight into your field, and are qualified to speak with them about the issues faced by adult literacy organizations, teachers, and students. You don't need to convince them of anything -- just let them know that you exist, make them aware of the work you do within your community, and explain how they can help. You can even invite them to visit your classroom or speak at your next graduation!

February 14, 2017 - Advocacy Day

Valentine's Day 2017 was our first-ever Advocacy Day, where we hosted over forty individuals from all over Texas, held a mini-workshop on how to communicate their stories to their legislators, and then escorted them to the Capitol to meet with state legislators and staff. Both adult education providers and their students braved the roads and weather to explain how adult education has made an impact on their lives, and why it should be a priority for our state. We thank them for their dedication and support, and hope this year's turnout is a reflection of the success we'll see in years to come.

Stay tuned for information on 2018, and sign up for our newsletter to make sure you're in the loop for the next Advocacy Day!

Past Advocacy

Literacy Texas encourages and incubates literacy groups around the state to increase their capacity through collaboration. At the state level, we advocate on behalf of the adult education community to ensure their voices are heard in all areas of business and government. Additionally, we work to raise awareness of adult education through attendance at local and regional events. To see where we'll be next, visit our calendar.

Here is some of our recent advocacy work:

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Other Resources

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