April 17, 2017

Nominate a Volunteer

We would like to invite literacy providers to nominate a Volunteer in your organization who deserves special recognition at the state level because of the outstanding work they are doing. This is the perfect opportunity to recognize your volunteer and show your appreciation at the Literacy Texas 2017 Annual Conference in San Marcos July 31-August 2.

An impartial committee will select the winner. The award will be presented at the conference luncheon on August 1. The person submitting the nomination will be notified of the award by June 23rd in order to allow sufficient time to make hotel reservations and register for the conference. The Volunteer selected for the award will be reimbursed for travel expenses up to $600. Travel expense reimbursement must conform to State of Texas travel rules and the applicable Federal cost principles: https://fmx.cpa.state.tx.us/fm/travel/travelrates.php.

Volunteer award nominations will be judged on the following criteria: years of service (2 points/year-maximum 10 pts); hours per week volunteered (1 point/5 hours); quality outcomes (1-25 points); learner support outside of class (1-20 points); service other than teaching (1-10 points).

DEADLINE: June 9th, 2017

Questions? Email conference@literacytexas.org or call 888-577-9347.

2016 Winner: Pam Moore, Literacy ConneXus

Pam’s volunteer title is Editor and Media Coordinator. That’s just a starting point! She’s willing to tackle any project thrown her way. In the 5+ years she has served through Literacy ConneXus, Pam has edited more than 135 biweekly newsletters, helps design and update the website, posts regularly on Facebook and sends out tweets. Pam is also involved with Books for the Border and Beyond, writing the guide for churches to do family reading fair projects, and posting plans for building bookcases online. Quietly working crazy hours behind the scenes, she has learned a half dozen software products and done what was needed to support literacy efforts in a variety of settings. She works tirelessly supporting others who are teaching. While it may be difficult to picture a Volunteer of the Year who serves in ways other than teaching, it’s impossible to imagine the work of Literacy ConneXus without Pam Moore.