Tuesday Keynote - Anson Green

State Director of Adult Education and Literacy

For over 20 years Anson Green has been a leader adult education, workforce development, and community college instructional design.  His passion is developing and deploying innovative programs for Texans who desire to increase their education and preparedness to attain their career ambitions.  He loves to challenge legacy perspectives and the status quo in education.

In 2013 Anson joined the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) as the State Director of the Adult Education and Literacy program, managing the transfer and transformation of the $73,000,000 program into a fully integrated part of the Texas Workforce Solutions system. In his first two years he introduced a rigorous performance and accountability quality model, expanded distance learning and career pathways options while increasing funding and engagement with non-profit organizations, libraries, and community colleges. Mr. Green is a member of both the National Reporting System Technical Workgroup and WIOA Data Infrastructure workgroup. He also served as a member of Workforce Solutions Alamo Board of Directors.

In 2000, Mr. Green served as a research fellow at the National Institute for Literacy in Washington studying women’s barriers to employment and education.  He has held teaching posts at St. Philip’s College, San Antonio College, Northwest Vista College, Florida State University, Texas Lutheran University, and Northside Independent School District.

Mr. Green’s diverse background spanning national, state, and local leadership positions in adult and developmental education, workforce development, and in community colleges affords him the ability develop and direct a wide variety of innovative service delivery models to support student success.

His publications include Job Readiness in the Adult Education Classroom (Oklahoma Department of Education) and Ready for Work! An Employment Curriculum for Women (Grassroots Press, 2001).