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Day 3 Intensive Training Day with 3 Different Tracks!

New Directors Training

Going Workplace Standards 2.0: Integrating Content Standards and Job Skills for Success!

Presenters: Marian Thacher, Senior Researcher for American Institutes for Research, and AnneMarie Molinari-Sanders, TRAIN PD Content Specialist @ TCALL, Texas A&M University.

Session Description and Objectives:

Participants will learn about and explore the Texas Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) Content Standards 2.0 which aligns the current Texas AEL Content Standards with detailed work activities and high demand industry cluster examples. Session objectives include:

·        Understanding how Standards 2.0 can guide student goal setting and contextualization of instructional lesson plans

·        Using Standards 2.0 information to create or revise lesson activities

·        Evaluating existing lesson plans using Standards 2.0 and employability skills framework

·        Reviewing existing curriculum resources and tools for creating robust contextualized lessons

·        Developing an action plan for literacy staff training activities

Student Success through Persistence and Employability Skills

In this interactive, 2-part session, we will examine the six principles of Adult Learning Theory and the six Drivers of Persistence.  Instructors can use these concepts to design engaging instructional activities and strategies to help adult learners succeed in reaching educational and career goals. We will then introduce the Employability Skills Framework and discuss why it is important for students, help participants connect employability skills with other educational initiatives, and provide tools and strategies to prioritize employability skills at different levels.